Completed Micropiles

Mission and Vision

Phoenix Foundation Company, Inc. was inspired by corporate America’s trending “growth by acquisition” mentality. To be clear, Phoenix was not formed through corporate acquisition, nor do we embrace many of the cold, impersonal attributes of big business. Instead, we seek to be an alternative to it.

Phoenix is comprised of many industry veterans and leaders who have collectively been involved with hundreds of complex projects throughout the Northeast over the past quarter-century. We have the resources, talent, and know-how to execute a variety of complex work scopes in the most challenging of environments.

From the earliest stages of a project’s development until its final completion, Phoenix strives to innovate the way in which specialty geotechnical subcontracting is performed. We value relationships over revenue, and believe that conducting business with integrity and purpose will ultimately set us apart from those who measure themselves primarily by the size of their backlog.

Like the structures we work on, Phoenix is also built on a strong foundation: the guiding principles of integrity, safety, quality, and service. We are driven to deliver excellent customer service, innovative solutions, and quality work, performed safely and on time. Most of all, we strive at all times to do the right thing.

Ultimately, Phoenix seeks to be a trusted partner of industry leaders, working together to deliver results on geotechnical and geostructural construction projects. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your next project so that we can earn your trust as well.